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Dairycon Fall Special!

September TBA, 2024

DTF Membership Roster

The Who's Who of DTF!

DTF Membership is great. Sunday Brunch. Additional exclusives. Your very own laminated membership card. Originally a top secret mailing list, now we use the top secret Dairycon Facebook Group. Go there!

We're proud to be members of DTF! We're updating bios of members here all the time. Laugh, and enjoy...

Current Members | In Memorium

Current Members

Art: (at synet; "Needles Kup", aka "Needles Kane", aka "FCCCP", aka "LAF"...)

This man, like prince, has no name! We believe he changed it to a symbol, which looks startlingly like a rectangle...

Art is into the toys, he is also constantly struggling to create a cool, popular, or at least reasonably-professional-looking Transformers Web site, he says that most of his creations die on die desktop and never see the light of Cyberspace.

He further states that, "Aside from that and working a low-income joe-job, I fiddle with my godawful huge selection of computer and console games.

In a word, "geek". Come to Germantown and you can stare at me in my natural habitat for 25 cents."

Atom Craig (Atomic1)

"Nickname: Atomic 1. Location: West Allis. Bio: 27 y/o married father of a 1 year old baby boy. I love all forms of Transformers, but have not gotten through a series of cartoon yet. I've been a fan ever since I can remember. I've never read the comics, but I'm willing to. The movie bots are gaining on me, but I'm not convinced yet."

Adrian B(abparty)

In his own words: "Doublespy is my nickname and I'm in Milwaukee. My Bio, 'Secrect to winning a battle is playing both sides!' I could almost swear I did this a while back like 3-4 years ago..."

Billy M (the fish)

On less is more: "seibertron.com. My nickname is the Fish. I am in Illinois."

Brian D (Dunk_Monkey)

"I found out about DTF through TFW2005 when you were advertising for Dairycon 2007. I'm into Everything! I am obsessed! Pure TF! Call me Dunk-Money. LOL. No, I don't really have a nickname. I'm from Sun Prairie, WI."

Brian R: (Beatnik Poe)

Welcome! Regarding his joining DTF: "I'm a news moderator over at Tfgen3 and a member of the 2005 boards. An avid TF hunter, I have access to a multitude of TF info, and an ability to hunt down most transformers, new and old. You can find me residing in West Bend...odds are I'm in the toy aisle."

Brian E: (in-process)

In his own words: "Hi I'm Bryan I'm 24yrs old and I live in Slinger. I just started working for a bank in the marketing department. I was always a transformer fan has long as I can rember. I really did not get into collecting them until the Beast Wars came out. I am also a avid collector of Star Wars memorabilia and the Masters of the universe figures. I have not got into the collecting of transformers to keep them in a box untouched :-) I like to take them out and play with them and figure out the tranfromation so I never need to look at the insturctions again. Favs are the dinobots soundwave shockwave and all the combiners that are not animals. I very much like the altenators line but I think that it has room for improvement. As far as the basice toy lines are concerned I like R.I.D/B.W./Armanda I kind of split on the current Energon line I have not read too- many transformer comics but I like the ww2 transformer & GIjoe joint comic and the war within seris and would like to figures based on both Series."

Ben G (discharge)

In his own words: "I live in Burlington. I'm nearly 30 now and have come to the conclusion that I'll probably be collecting Transformers for the rest of my life. After going to the OTFFC in 2004 Chicago I realized they got me. Anyway I'm a single parent and am proud to say I must be doing something right because the kid jumped up and down telling me how cool Mindwipe was when we were watching an episode of Headmasters. That made me so proud. Aside from Transformers I really like Troma films and love the Cubs. I know this isn't very Cheesehead but I did like the Brewers before they switched leagues. Now they are just rivals."

Chad C (Brute Bronco)

Hails from Hudson. In his own words, "..." We couldn't have said it better ourselves :-)

Charles B and Melissa (aka Prime Junky and momof2)

Voted a couple by people who vote on these things!

Charles writes: "Last year was my first exposure to you guys and I really like what you do. All in all I am a big fan of this groups efforts and would like to a part of it. Thank You."

Melissa responds: "I'm addicted by association. I was skeptical (he says hostile) towards Charles' addiction to TF, and the idea of gathering with other addicts got an eyeroll. Four yrs after my 1st Dairycon event I'm in love w/it!"

Chris Mc (Unicron WMD)

The blueprints guy :-) On his joining DTF: "I am UNICRON-WMD, I do TFs art and I am a TFs slut:D Plus Mike made me signup:P"

Chris S (AltAddict)

In his own words: "I am a fellow cheesehead! (well, transplant, but 12 years counts, right?) I found out about this group through Ian on TFW2005. I've known about it for months, but decided it was time to join. My primary interest is Alternators. And I like my G1 stuff 'cause, well after 20 years it has grown on me... ;) The nick I use on TFW2005 is AltAddict. I am from Madison. I guess as far as a bio goes: G1 fan who left the reservation long, long ago has returned thanks to the Siren call of the Alternators."

Name: Cory (Cyberwolf)

Base of operations: Oshkosh

Bio: "I have been a fan of Transformers ever since its premier on television. I have been seriously collecting the toys since 1993. You could say i one of those completist type of people, Have to have all the toys, repaints included. I enjoy visiting the fan boards on the TFW2005 website because of all the great people there and reading about all the news about upcoming toys and anything transformers."

Curt (Tf Source)

An honorary member of DTF ;-) Curt lives close enough to spit. As it happens, he's also the fellow who gives us our incredible online deals via his site, TFSource.com!

Dan('BelXul') and Cherie ('bloodyfallen')

Dan is into computer-generated tfs and goth. Ask him about his Soundwave! Cherie is just like Dan, only more so. (editor's note: They never tell me what to put here, so I'll say they enjoy the opera and long walks at the beach.). Visit their up and coming gamers site Here (site no longer available)!

Dan: (Crow T Autobot)

Hiding near the foothills of New London, he has only this to say: "Woohoo! More TF fans in Wi!" It does seem lonely in our state sometimes, doesn't it? Thank Primus for DTF. Visit his amazing site, cybertroncinema.net (site no longer available)!

Eric (cowboy_fan_forever)

On his joining DTF: "Found you on a message board. I go by the alias cbff. I live in Sun Prairie which is a suburb of Madison on the east side. Been a transfan all my life, just recently went to the OTFCC."

Frank: (Dinobot Grimlock..."Me Grimlock King!")

Frank doesn't even know I typed this, so I won't say much about him. That way, he can make up any lie about himself he wants! Frank has been instrumental in getting Transformers to his friends here at DTF. We don't know how he gets them, and we're afraid to ask. Visit his webpage here (site no longer available).

Frank: (Rizz- or Chromewear as we call him; the guy in the Megatron shirt)

Another transfan joins our ranks! Rizz hails from Madison. Who-hoo! Now maybe we won't have to drive there anymore :-) Rizz loves everything about tfs, but has specific interests. In his own words:

"I'm trying to complete my collection of G1 toys, from '84-86. I don't have a website unfortunately, so I mainly do business in ATTM. I'm only into G1, the toys and cartoons. I got back into them about a year ago, when I was going through my old collection back home. Then after seeing Optimus Prime on an ebay auction in his box, I got hooked again and wanted to finish the collection I started!"

Frank O: (Gauge)

An honorary member from a nice warm place. :-) Frank writes: "I'm a Professional Freelance Graphic Artist and Illustrator and also a Digital Colorist. I have been creating art since I was about 3-4 years old. I'm also an avid Comic Book Reader, and huge Transformers fan and toy collector. I love watching all sorts of things via the internet. I am also am a huge admirer of the Female Form. I also enjoy taking photos of all sorts of things and thoroughly enjoy image manipulation. Anything else you'd like to know you'll eventually figure out once you get to know me. :) "

Fred: (Freds Workshop)

Fred has gotten sick of being called, "Officer" or "Sir" in his old age, and insists you call him by his first name. Fred runs DTF, TFG, TFM, and a bunch of other indecipherable acronyms, and seeks out variations on the toyline. He'd say more about himself, but figures you can save him some extra typing.

Ian 12: (ole' Pimpy)

Another Madison transfan!In his own words: "Hi guys (and girls),Just a quick intro. I'm from Madison and I've been a TF fan since I was a kid. I'm still a kid at heart and collect (and play with) the toys, watch the cartoons and read the comics. While I've met some other fans from WI through the 2005 boards and allspark,I hope to meet more through DTF."

Jack: (s.m.40fan)

As always, in his own words: "I'm Jack. I met a bunch of you at the Burnham Bowl Toy & Comic Show last Sunday in West Allis. I'm originally from Hattiesburg, MS but live in Milwaukee, WI so I'm a transfer Cheesehead :-) I found out about the group by meeting some of the members at the Toy Show I mentioned above. I think his name is Mike(had Autobot hat and suspenders).I'm into the toys. Mainly G1 but I'm liking the Alternator series. I'm 27 so I've been a Transformers fan since 1984. My favoriate character is Opimus Prime all the way. I would consider myself an Autobot by faction.

In the circles I travel I have no one to talk Transformers with. I've been hoping for someone who is also a fan to chat with. So it would be cool to meet up with folks who know the names, factions, lingo, and all. Thanks again -Jack"

Jarrett R (RoadbusterFIB)

Another honorary 'Attending Dairycon' member, Jarrett writes, "I've come to enjoy spending countless hours online searching for Roadbuster's Anteanne and 5 authentic missiles...the insanity came easy; paying for it is the hard part!"

Jason G (garesdesigns)

In his own words: "(Found you from)a flyer at Greenfield News & Hobby for the DairyCon 2007 Transformers Convention. I'm the owner / CEO of Gares Designs & Creations, a small home based business that centers around mold making, casting and developing model kits for the Garage Kit industry. I am currently in the process of working on a Galvatron model kit limited to 100 pieces worldwide. After that one is finished, a model of Hot Rod, also limited to 100 pieces worldwide will be released. They will both be the animated versions from Transformers: The Movie. Take care and hope to meet and talk to you guys real soon."

Jason M (Talyn)

World's shortest submitted bio: "Yes, I'm a Fellow Cheesehead! Saw post on TFW2005.com- Talyn, Jefferson, WI. I'm into the Toys!" Guess this guy is the master of understatement :-)

Jeff (microdoc)

"Hi, my name is Jeff and I was introduced to Dairycon by fellow Micronaut / Transformer collector Jeff A. I customize Micronauts mostly www.microer.com!"

Jeremy G (aka "Methusalen")

-1/2 mile west of Houlton, Wisconsin!

-Raised in Wisconsin, Methusalen was introduced to the Transformers at the tender age of 4 while watching cartoons with his grandfather. Eventually -received an Optimus Prime, a semi truck like his grandfather drove out of Glenwood City. Unfortunately, he was forced to follow his family when they moved -across the St. Croix River into Stillwater, but longs to return to the glorious state that is Wisconsin... Discovered the DTF & Dairycon a few years back, and -am planning on attending the '08 convention!

Jeremy P (Workhog59 or Stress or Cooler)

Hailing sometimes from Antigo (and sometimes from Oshkosh), Jeremy writes, "the shows got me started and then i got the action figures then after that i became a huge collecter :-)" We're sorry to hear that. Happens to all of us, though, I suppose ;-)

Jerry W (brodie073)


jweitermann (Bulsgar1)

On his discovering DTF: "I found out about DairyCon (a day too late, natch) on the Allspark boards where I have been a member for 5 years. Crow T Autobot from that board directed me to the message board here. I use the nickname Bulsgar1 on the TF message boards. I live in Green Bay, WI. I'm one of those kids that never quite grew up. Been a Transformers fan since the beginning and lived in Wisconsin my whole life thus far (all 30 years of it :-)".

Joe B(aka autobots_4_ever, aka rattrap)

Overwhelming voted, 'a nice kid', by other DTFers, Joe had this to say: "my nickname is rattrap. Im from Wausau(central Wisconsin). I've loved transformers since I was about 5, that was when the Beast Wars were out. Im 15 at the moment and what ever I do, I cant get enough of these hunks of plastic that can turn into robots!! I discovered you through TFW2005. It was pure luck. I went to the search for Wisconsin Conventions and found a tiny post by Fredsworkshop that had a link to the dairyland Site. Then, about a half a year later, I attended Dairycon for the first time."

Joe: (Modelzone)

Joe is a great guy, and runs one of the local shops. In his own words; "Since we opened in April of 1994, we have become the premier source of Japanese Anime in South East Wisconsin. With over 3,000 video and DVD titles for rent, and 1,700 active video club members, we are sure to have the anime you want and need!"

Joe P. (no nickname)

In his own words: " I found Dairycon online and have attended two so far. Fred recommended I sign up and I figure its about time. Im from the Green Bay area and Ive been into Transformers since the 80s. I work full time and attend NWTC."

Julian (Juise99)

On how he finally allowed himself to join us: "I'm a Milwaukee TF fan. I'm going to Dairycon this year so I might as well be a member."

Lewis M. Brooks, III

Lewis hails from Massachusetts (which is slightly east of Dairyland). His list of obsessions only begins with Transformers. It continues with Star Trek, Harry Potter, the Marvel Universe, the Boston Red Sox, prime time television, movies, baseball cards, comic books, action figure, and that damned Angry Birds game that he regrets ever downloading and swears at often. You can keep up with his aimless nonsensical thoughts on his blog, LMB3.net or on his various web sites, AWorldTransformed.com, TFMuseum.com, TFTechSpecs.com, RedSoxCards.com, and To-Boldly-Go.net.

LP and Lyn: (Defensis Prime and Silverwynde)

Our first transfan couple! Three cheers for the both of them, and the toys they love. They currently run their little autobot love-nest in the wilderness of Littlechute. In their own words:

Silverwynde, a transplantee from North Carolina, drives fianc�e Defensis Prime nuts with her constant gushing over everyone's favorite (well, that's the way it OUGHTA be!) little bug, Bumblebee. Should Dan Gilvezan ever show up at a future BotCon, Silverwynde will tear down the doors of the Little Chute post office to be the first preregistrant...Defensis will, in that meantime, find a good hiding place.

Defensis Prime (and his fianc�e, Silverwynde) are surrounded by the little plastic (mostly plastic) robots we all love. On rare occasions, Prime thinks Silvy's collection of Bumblebees is staring at him, but a good, ringing slap upside his metal noggin usually clears that notion right out of his datatracks...usually...

Mark K (atomicthumbs)

Mark hails from either Lacrosse, Holmen, or possibly Illinois depending which form you read ;-) He enjoys dill pickles, long walks on the beach, and ham sandwiches with mustard on them. He's looking forward to attending Dairycon 08.

Matt: (transflan)

Hails from Oshkosh, WI. Until he tells me what I should put in his bio, I'm going to say he collects used sardine cans, and enjoys a 'light' beer.

"HI my name is Matt I'm from Oshkosh I do like lite beer but I dont collect sardine cans. I had the honor of meeting fred and northern at otfcc 2003 while some guy hit on my girlfriend. I must say I laughed pretty dam hard. I live near the madison area and I'am always scoping the stores for Tfs so if you need me to check for ya let me know. My interrest for Tfs are collecting the toys and the cartoons and I'll do whatever it takes to get them I have some holes in my collection now that i hope to have filled some time before i die Thats pretty much me in a nut shell."

Matt: (stogie)

Bout time he came on-board! :-) In his own words: "I have been a transformers fan as long as i can remember and have been told to join your group by matt (staypuft) and shawn several times."

Matt T (Warped Sky)

The 5th Matt to join the group! :-) "I heard about the group from Brian. Live in the WB (west bend), work in northwest MKE. A fan from G1, my interest regenerated when I made my 1st eBay purchase on G1 Breakdown to complete Menasor, started 15 years earlier. Since then, I have bought a variety, some from eBay, some from store. I just need to keep the 2 armies even, but just transform them here and there, and love looking at the homages to G1. The occasional collection review and purge makes my collection everchanging. I have a spreadsheet with all and rankings, but no site to show off."

Matt: (penguin_poet)

I live in Racine, WI. I've been a Transfan since 1984 and now that I'm "grown up" I have money from my job as a math teacher I can throw even more money into the Transformers pit!!

Matt: (artworkmatt)

In his own words: "Hi, I'm Matt, from Portage. Found you on the web. Total cheesehead!"

Marino A (Mexi-Con)

In his own words: "Nick: Mexi-Con, Madison area. Real name: Marino Alcorta. I'm a mix of Peter Griffin from Family Guy & Comedian George Lopez. Single Father of 4. Currently attending Hezring Technical College for my Associate's degree in IT. Geewunner to the heart!"

Mark (Transmetal Wolfang)

Had this to say: "Location (currently): Jackson/Cedarburg area (or Milwaukee, where I go to college). First heard about you through a sign at OTFCC 2004 advertising DairyCon."

Merrick W (nickname in-progress)

On his roots: "WI resident, new richmond by the twin cities. Yes, I'm a Fellow Cheesehead! minus the cheese, I was born and raised in MN so go Vikings!"

Mike: ('The Nut')

"Milwaukee area toy nut; also into Star Wars and Lego."

Mike: ('Northern')

Another Milwaukee transfan, one asks the question what he's north of, that far south? :-)On joining DTF: "Been collecting for years and started building Gundams. Now I want to start kitbashing. One of the hardest things I have found, is trying to get trades done." Hopefully, as a member of DTF, he'll have an easier time trading. Gotta network!

Mike B (Magnus 0422)

The absolute best reason I've heard for being here: "I am forevermore the official voice of Crackup! Woo-hoo!"

Nate: (brown at evilemail)

In his own words: "I'm somewhere in Northcentral Wisconsin (If you know where Wausau is, I'm about an hour and a half northeast of it) I don't have much I'd need in by bio, except I've been a Transfan since I was 1 or 2, I honestly didn't know there were so many people still into Transformers until last year, and most of my life revolves around either Transformers or video games in one way or another. Oh, and I don't have a site. Uh, if there's anything else, email me.

Pete K (Sunstorm) and Lynn (Airachnid666)

Another Transfan power couple!

Pete: From the greater milwaukee area. In the words we chose for him: "Yes, I'm a Fellow Cheesehead! I'm into Everything! I am obsessed! Pure TF! Just a huge transformer fan. Been collecting since 1995!!" Welcome back! I remember (back in the day), when the only sentence he submitted to the group was, "I've been trying to join this group for awhile now. Grrr." Since it took me a month to process this, I believe we're continuing to Set the Standard. :-)

Lynn: Also from the greater milwaukee area, Lyn is just as verbose as her companion: "My fiance is a member." And wouldn't you know it, took us a month to process her as well :_) The tradition continues!

Phil H. (ravens_cloud9)

In his own words: "Hi, I'm Phill from Sparta. I'm 32 and have been seriously into Transformers for the past four years. I went to Dairycon last year and thought it was great. Please consider me for this group. Thanks."

Rob ("Madstamper")

"Hi glad to be part of your group. I currently live in Cedarburg. But grew up in West Bend. Being 34 I was a big kid about the time of Gen1. I currently have three kids 8-10-14. My 14 old daughter tolerates our collection. But the two boys love it almost as much as I do. I have to say they will be good future collectors. They take their toys out to play but then put them back in package to save. Gotta love that!!"

Sam: (Hebling)

Born in East Troy, surrounded by cows and corn, and says it best in his own words:..."Now I'm here, in Milwaukee at Marquette. It smells kind of funny...and not ha ha funny, more like oh oh funny. I think its urine(its NOT the yeast from the brewery, like many people here claim.)"...

Sean L (Onepass)

Representing the Twin Cities :-) Sneaking across the river to infiltrate Dairycon, Sean writes: "I live in MN; found you due to the Dairycon info on the web. I attended this years show and had a fantstic time. 32, married, have two kids, and I'm a garbageman."

Sean P (roadkill)

In his own words: "i have been collecting g1 transformers for several years now and have been interested in you convetion but never new were it was or when i live in plesant prairie wi and work in racine wi."

Shane: (examinepc)

A fellow cheesehead, interested in all things tf, and , "just looking to make more contacts[in the moo-state]."

Steve (cosplay)

A man with connections! ;) Residing in the milwaukee area, he has this to say: "Found you guys when doing research for my costumes.... I'm into doing G1 Cartoon-accurate full body Costumes - I have Megs and Prime (with motorized Matrix Chamber), and will be working on Bumblebee next, then hopefully the Seekers. I like watching all the cartoons, and collecting the Binaltech and G1-related toys.". See his costumes page here (site no longer available)!

Steve (a.k.a. "Devcon")

"I have been a G1 TF fan since 1984. I have a collection of G1 toys, TV episodes, and memorabilia. I'm trying to complete mostly the '84-'87 toys. Eventually, I'd like to design and build a display case for all of them. I'm glad to meet all of you. It's nice to know we're not alone in our hobby (or "obsession," whichever you prefer.) I'm from Waukesha and am always looking for local sources to buy, sell, and trade G1 TF collectibles. See you at the next Dairycon!"

Steve (stevey_1999)

Another transplant :-)"My name is Steve Young (no, never played football in my life)... I am from Star Prairie WI. (However I am moving to Saint Paul, MN in a couple of days (so the Cheese head status will be altered to Mud Duck). Thanks again for the event! It rocked. Bio: Raised in Wisconsin from day one, I am by history a Wisconsin Resident. However the need for me to cut down on gas prices due to my job, I bought a house closer to work. So I had to change residency.I have always been a fan of transformers. I even obtained transformers before they were called transformers. My collection now consists of DVD sets and Tons of the figures. My love of the two greater transformers to exist is Ultra Magnus (G1) and Rhinox (BW)."

Terry (farragut76):

"I am from Superior. I am a historian, writer, going to be a police officer. i am 24 male. I have many Tfs, I am into collect TF comics. I love the The War Within series."

Tim K (cruiser_x3)

(On how he found us): "Actually happened to see a Dairycon poster at a Comic-Shop. Only been to the convention twice :-) Cruiser (comic guy), West Bend, WI."

Tina S (Ravyn)

In the catagoty of; 'Hey look, a girl...we'd better admit her if we know what is good for us': "Born and raised on Transformer since their inception, been attending BotCon and doing the classes with Shawn since the beginning, and now planning on attending DairyCon!"

Tom P (Azrael Prime)

I take it back. *This* guys wins the award for most understated member bio: "Azrael Prime from Hayward, WI"

Victor (alatov95):

Originally from Mexico, but now hails from Oshkosh. "Found you thru Google and some other transformer websites online linking to the site. I work for UW Oshkosh as a IT manager for the housing office (residence life). I'm responsible for about 35 people and about 3000 computers." Read more about his life and times at his website here.

Zachery B (TheTahuPrime1)

In the vein of, 'don't call me shirley':! "I was at the 2010 Dariycon Convention, Minerva. I enjoyed meeting everyone. I would like to network with others. Thank You, Zachary B, Wisconsin Rapids, WI."

In Memorium

Colin P (buda_cheers OR Master Maximus)

From Middleton, Wi. "Bio: I'm 28 and have been a Transformers fan/collector since the beginning. My first was Huffer, my most recent was Classics Mirage. Raised in Wisconsin, and apart for a 6 year stint in Illinois, lived in Wisconsin all my life."

Matt: ("staypuft")

Staypuft, Ripon WI(introduced to DTF thru Shawn and otfcc'03): "just a creative guy who can't write for crap. I'm always on the look-out for tfs and women."

Matt: ("Go, Planet!")

Matt will give you the shirt off his back, and the arm off his Transformer if it will help you. More I can't say, because he knows where I live, and would hurt me. In the meantime, visit his TF Graveyard (site no longer available) for the corpse of your choice. And ask him about the wife, and his saying....

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