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Friday and Saturday, April 24th and 25th, 2009
Ramada Plaza Hotel
Regency Suites
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Wisconsin transfans present the 9th-annual Dairycon. Dealer tables, large-screen showing your favorite tf episodes, and special Dairycon-exclusive items and activities available to those who have pre-registered for the con.

Pre-registration forms are available by clicking here. PreReg opens Dec 1st, and closes March 1st. Registration is free, but you have to be pre-registered to get in. No walk-ins allowed.

Hotel Accomodations

Individuals have a variety of options for lodging during Dairycon. For a listing of places to stay, click here (link no longer available). If you wish to stay at the Ramada itself, mention that you will be attending Dairycon, and you will recieve the special discount rate on your room.



Dine at the Ramada, or go next door to Cousin's Subs. Across the street is a Chinese Buffet. Kitty Corner from the hotel is a sports bar and grill. Within a few minutes driving distance are Hardees, McDonald's, and a host of other fast food resturants and fine dining establishments.

Dairycon Convention Exclusives

This year, the Dairycon 2009 Exclusive item is (tba). For a preview of *all* Dairycon Exclusives and storylines, click here!

Dairycon Art Contest

2-d, 3-d, whatever! Bring your kitbashes, or your drawings, and display them! Everyone gets a secret ballot. Highest number of votes for an item wins! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes each recieve the yearly cool 'Prize Box'! So make sure to enter!

Dairycon Special Guests/Features

This year marks the 5th annual Jumpstarter Races :-) Whoever gets theirs to travel the farthest(run, jump, and remain standing) wins a prize! Jumpstarters will be provided. Enjoy the show! In addition, 2009 brings our 4th annual Assemble Your Own Transformer Contest! Whoever can put it together the fastest wins! We'll also see the return of our special, 'Name That Transformer' contest!

In addition to the events you've come to know and love, 2009 will include some new features, including an update to the incredible Dairycon Prize Wheel. Spin the Big Wheel for your chance to win Dairycon Prizes!

The Raffle

Late in the day, we'll hold a raffle for a set of Dairycon Exclusives! Don't miss out!

Dairycon Schedule of Events

Click Here for a detailed explanation of Dairycon Events!

Friday, 4pm
Tour of Fabulous Fond du Lac!
Doors open to early dealer setup(room 1)
Dairycon special gaming session begins(room 2)
early dealer setup ends

Saturday 9AM
Final dealer and art-contest set-up(rooms 1 and 2)
Doors open to pre-registrants!
Name That Transformer Contest!
Assemble your own Transformer Contest!
Special Guest Presentation
Jumpstarter Rally Races version 4.0 !
Raffle for complete set of Dairycon Exclusives !
Announce Art Contest Winners ! Take your prize box home.
Dairycon ends; Dinner and after-dairycon party!

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