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Saturday, September 14th, 2002
Ramada Plaza Hotel
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

A mini-botcon for DTF! Wisconsin/Midwest transfans take part in the second-annual Dairycon, a one-day event. Dealer tables, large-screen showing your favorite tf episodes, state-of-the-art sound system, and a special Dairycon-exclusive item available to those who have preregistered for the con.

Details are available thru the DTF mailer. Join DTF to get all the details, as well as to register as a dealer or a guest. Registration deadline is 9-10-02 If you have any questions, please contact DTF!

Pictures! Some photos from the con:

          The Fonze has entered the building...
          Keeping the table from floating away.
          The children are our future, part II
          At last! Pioneer Primal is mine!
          A group of fans puzzles over a bowl of rice crispies.
          ...said the spider to the fly.
          A veteran recalls stories from the war...
          Hail, hail, the gang's all here....
          The flaming cows of doom!

Dairycon Convention exclusive: for those lucky few who confirmed before the cut-off date, a unique dairycon item will be theirs for the taking. Only 14 of these items will be produced. Click here to catch a glimpse of the 2002 Dairycon exclusive!

Congratulations to Shawn, who won this year with his RID Ratchet repaint!

Dairycon art contest: 2-d, 3-d, whatever! Bring your kitbashes, your drawings, and display them! Everyone gets a 'secret' ballot where you put your vote on, and toss it into a box. Highest number of votes for an item wins! Like last year, I propose we all donate something to the 'prize pot'. Remember, make it fun! Here's a list of donations so far:

Prize Lot

1 Landmine Pretender (incomplete)
1 Pretender, (incomplete, name escapes me at the moment)
1 G1 Hook, broken
1 McDonald's Panther
1 McDonald's TM Scorponok
2 McDonald's Manta Ray
1 Starscream wind, right
1 Ramjet wing, left
1 Cyberjet Strafe, melted
1 Micromaster vehicle/base (Groundpounder?)
1 Kickback gun
2 Devastator forearms, painted
4 Assorted posters
1 Megatron Megabolt (sweet!)
1 BM Blackarachnia backer card
1 TM2 Optimus Minor MOC
1 Transformers comic, #35
5 various Rock'em Sock'em Robots
1 Rodimus Major, MIB
1 McDonald's Cheetor MIP
1 Optimus Prime left leg (nice tires)
1 Kellog's Corn Flakes die-cast car
1 Fisher-Price Mom and Baby
1 Beast Machines post card (framed)
1 TM2 Sonar MOC
1 Lost in Space window hanger
1 My Pal 2 toy robot (I like his shoes)
1 Incredible Crash Dummies car with figures
1 Rubbermaid tote

Dairycon Schedule of Events

9am: show-up, pick a table, set up your stuff!

10am to 5pm: trade, dicker, sell, and what-have you :-)

After 5pm: start packing it up, and go home.

Somewhere in-between we'll watch transformer dvds, break for lunch, and just generally have a good time. Please note that this year it's going to cost 10 bucks a head, so that one person doesn't have to foot the whole cost of the bill :-) Just toss me a bill when you arrive, and I'll cross your name off the list. And hand you your exclusive. Weee!

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