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Saturday, November 24th, 2001
Ramada Plaza Hotel
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

A mini-botcon for DTF! Wisconsin/Midwest transfans take part in Dairycon, a one-day event. Dealer tables, large-screen showing your favorite tf episodes, state-of-the-art sound systems, and a special Dairycon-exclusive item available to those who have preregistered for the con.

Details are available thru the DTF mailer. Join DTF to get all the details, as well as to register as a dealer or a guest. Registration deadline is Saturday, November 10th, 2001. If you have any questions, please contact DTF!

Pictures! Some photos from the con:

          The children are our future :-)
          Plotting his next strike...
          Lesee, was it tab a into slot b, or...
          Our new recruitment poster
          A crisis of allegiances...
          The shirt says it all...
          Supreme Toiletbot squares off with fans.
          Digging deep to find trade fodder.

Dairycon Convention exclusive: for those lucky few who confirmed before the cut-off date, a unique dairycon item will be theirs for the taking. Only 13 of these items will be produced. Click here to catch a glimpse of the Dairycon 2001 exclusive!

Congratulations to Northern, who swept the art contest with his oversize blue Bluestreak toy!

Dairycon art contest: 2-d(paintings, t-shirts), 3-d(dioramas, models)..bring your handiwork! You'll get a 'secret' ballot where you put your vote on, and toss it into a box. Highest number of votes for an item in a catagory wins! What do they win? Well, that's a good question :-) I propose we all donate something to the 'prize pot'. Here's a list of donations so far:

Prize Lot

One broken grapple ladder
A dirty Camshaft
Longhaul with a big hole in the grill
a g1 comic to each prize group.
a bumblebee with pull-apart action
a broken heman figure
a rubber tire to Optimus Prime's trailer
Lightspeed with crummy stickers
clear spike pvc w/ bumblebee
a g1 comic to each prize group.
a happymeal scorponok

Dairycon Schedule of Events

9am to 10am: 'dealer' set-up. Basically, everyone who has things to set up on a table (for sale/trade) and those who have art projects will have time to do so before everything kicks off. I figure a few of us will need some time to get stuff out of crates, get equipment set up, etc. So the informal guideline would be, 'no deals before 10' :-) hehe. Otherwise, alot of us will be scrambling...this will be the time for matt to set up his equipment.

10am to noon: trades, trades, trades :-) We'll also hit 'play' on the vcr/dvd. Matt is bringing...the movie and villans on dvd?

Noon to 1pm: Lunch? Pizza! Delivered by Dominoes, so we never have to leave...

1pm to 4pm: trades, trades, trades :-) And maybe a sale.

4pm: time to pick up our stuff :-) The room is only rented till 5pm, so for those of you who have a lot to pack, you may want to start a bit early. I'm sure the hotel staff will have no trouble if we stay a bit later, but presumably they'll want to get in eventually to set up for the next party...4pm is also when we'll announce the winners of the art contest, and award the random prize lots for each catagory.

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