Dairycon Exclusives!

Reinforcements from Dairycon!

PRETENDER CONVOY has called out for Heroes to aid the DAIRYCONS in their BATTLE FOR BREW CITY!! Now you can help! Clip and save your valuable MOO-POINTS from various Dairycon items. Bring them to the show, and get your own REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON!

Mini Construction Team

2011 Exclusive: WannaBee - Construction Support

 Quote: "Let's GO, Team!"

2012 Exclusive: Tipsy - Construction Foreman

 Quote: "Twas a fembot who drove me to drink. I never had the courtesy to thank her."

2013 Exclusive: Poser - Construction Support

 Quote: "Drop that zero and get with the hero!"

Mini Construction Team: Tipsy, Poser, and WannaBee - Mini Construction Team

 Quote: "Servicio de Fuerto!"


2014 Exclusive: Overdrive Convoy - Strategic Flight Commander

 Quote: "The race is not important; the finish line is."

2014 Exclusive: SolarFlare SunBeam - Desert Warfare

 Quote: "Careful what you touch- you might get burned."

The BrewMasters

2015 Exclusive: Hook - BrewMaster

 Quote: "Perfection is found in the brew."

2017 Exclusive: Line - BrewMaster

 Quote: "Alas, poor Convoy, I knew him well."

2018 Exclusive: Kugel - BrewMaster

 Quote: "There's nothing like the Northwoods in the Fall!"

BrewMasters: Hook, Line, and Kugel - BrewMasters

 Quote: "There's nothing like the Northwoods in the Fall."

Construct-A Convoy

14 years in the making! The ultimate end-product of the REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON campaign. For the first time, a complete gathering of all the mail-away figures!

  Construct-A Convoy - Emperor of Construction

 Quote: "Til All Is Won!"


2019 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory: Codpiece of Courage

2021 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory: Forearms of Fortitude

2022 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory: Fists of Freedom

2023 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory: Superwing of Stalwartness

2024 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory:  

2025 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory:  

2026 Exclusive: Heroic Accessory:  

REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON is an ongoing series of figures within the Dairycon Universe. Intertwined with each other and the mainline figures, REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON promises to be the most exciting series yet! A different figure will be available each year for the next several years. Attend all six shows (2011 thru 2018) and assemble your very own ultimate REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON collection! More on Moo-Points...