DairyCon Registration 2012

Sorry, Registration is now CLOSED!

Preregistration opens Dec 1st, 2011 and closes March 1st, 2012!

(Note: Confirmation of PreReg usually sent within 3 business days. Detailed Confirmation Packet will be mailed out on or around March 4th, 2012.)

Before filling out the Pre-reg form, please read our Convention Rules.

You can pre-reg your entire family on one form.

Admission to Dairycon is free, but you *must* pre-register in order to attend.

When you pre-register, you will be eligible to recieve Dairycon-exclusive items, which you can pick up at the main table on the day of the convention. Click here to catch a glimpse of past exclusives, as well as some tantalizing hints as to the 2012 toys!

Registration Form!
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Will you be attending Dairycon 2012 as a Dealer, or a Guest?

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           ($5 charge per table, up to 3 tables per dealer.)
           How many tables do you need?

Guest (I'll wander around) (FREE!)

Other Options:


           Please include their name(s), age(s), and relation(s) to you.

1. Assemble your Own Transformer Contest!
2. Assemble your Own DROID Contest!
3. Custom 'Bring Your Own' Jumpstarter Races! New! Read more about it here!
4. CLASSIC Jumpstarter Races!
5. I will be participating in the Art Contest!
6. I will be participating in the Dairycon Gaming Session!
7. I will be participating in the Costume Contest!

           If you are bringing friends, specify who will be competeing/participating in the above
           7 contests/events. BE SPECIFIC! (Use the numbers, that's why they're there.)

Dairycon 2012 Exclusive PreReg Item #1 ($10 Charge)*

Dairycon 2012 Exclusive PreReg Item #2 ($20 Charge)*

* NOTE: These might be different items. :-)

Dairycon 2012 Exclusive T-shirt ($15 Charge Per Shirt)

           If ordering shirt(s), specify size(s). (Note: Dairycon T-Shirt comes in sizes L, XL, 2XL.
           Other sizes require an additional charge. Please contact us for details.)

NOTE: You may receive a paypal invoice for your dealer tables, exclusive items, and t-shirts. More...

NOTE: If you order items, then fail to cancel or show up, you may be banned from future Dairycon events.

Please add any additional comments you have below:

Sorry, Registration is now CLOSED!

Please Note: When you Preregister, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail from us within 3 business days, so you know your Pre-reg has been recieved. You will recieve a full-blown pre-reg packet once pre-reg closes. Exclusions...

For a detailed explanation of All-New Dairycon Events, Click Here!

For directions to Dairycon, Click Here!

For a map of the dealer room, including our new Crystal Ball location, Click Here!

Preregistration closes March 1st, 2012, so hurry!

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