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Dairycon Schedule and Events

Friday Schedule

04:30 PM - Dairycon Gaming Session Set-up and Top Secret Early Dealer Set-up

05:00 PM - Dairycon Friday Night Pizza and Gaming Session!

07:00 PM - Top Secret Early Dealer Set-up and Gaming Session ends; party continues at Radisson (formerly Holiday Inn)

Saturday Schedule

07:00 AM - Secret Staff Meetup (Top Secret Location)

07:30 AM - Dealer Set-up

09:00 AM - Doors Open to Pre-Registrants!

10:00 AM - Doors Open to Walk-Ins!

11:00 AM - Dairycon Big Wheel!

11:00 AM - Food Arrives.

12:00 PM - There is NO Break for Lunch! Non-stop Dairycon!

12:30 PM - 'Assemble Your Own' Contest!

12:45 PM - Name that Transformer Contest!

01:00 PM - CUSTOM (Bring your Own) Jumpstarter Rally Races!

01:15 PM - Classic Jumpstarter Rally Races!

02:00 PM - Announce Art Contest Winners!

02:15 PM - Raffle for complete set of Dairycon Exclusives!

03:00 PM - Dairycon ends; After-Dairycon Wrap Party!

The Even More All-New Explanation of Dairycon Events!

Dairycon isn't to be confused with the 'big' conventions. We're just a little group of friends that like to get together once a year to hang out, and talk about our favorite thing: Transformers. We sure do seem to have a lot of friends. :-) That’s Dairycon. Is it any wonder we’re the longest running Transformers Fancon in the world?

It's with that in-mind that we bring you a more detailed explanation of some of the events that take place at the Dairycon.

The Famous 'Assemble Your Own' Contest: The tools, and the figure are provided by Dairycon staff. The announcement is made during the show. Those who signed up are given a paper sack full of 'mystery parts.' Don't look! When everyone is ready, the announcer shouts, 'Go!' The fastest one to open the sack and assemble their figure wins. The winner gets Dairycon exclusives and prizes. Previous Assemble contests have included cars, robots, coloring pages, scissors, paper.... what will this year bring? A Droid? A Transformer? Something new? Come to the show and find out!

The CLASSIC Jumpstarter Races: The premiere event for Dairycon. Jumpstarters are provided. Those who signed up in the pre-reg form are called in small groups to race in 'heats' at the event table. The jumpstarter is transformed to vehicle mode, pulled back to the stop line, and held. When the host yells, 'Go!', you release your jumpstarter. No pushing! The one that travels farthest, transforms, and stays standing, is the winner! The winner of each heat will go on to race in the finals, where the overall winner is declared, and given the prize!

The Sort-of-New BRING YOUR OWN Jumpstarter Races: Updated for the new millennium! As the title says, bring your own Jumpstarter. You can paint it, shave it, weight it down, put in a stronger spring... whatever it takes! Race just like the Classics! Winners will receive fabulous Dairycon prizes!

Dairycon Art Contest: No Hasbro reps here, just your fellow transfans! Bring your customs and drawings and display them! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place receive the giant envelope of cash ! Straight out of Fred's pocket, you could win 10, 25, or even 20 dollars! Wow!

Dairycon Big Wheel!: Come on Down! And spin to win! When the music starts, line up for your chance to win a Dairycon exclusive. Even if you lose, you win, because the first ten people don’t go away empty-handed either!

The Raffle: Every pre-reg packet receives a raffle ticket. Prizes generously donated by our Dealers and Staff are drawn for at the end of the show, including a draw for the big prize: a complete set of Dairycon Exclusives! Other events during the day allow you to win more raffle tickets, thereby increasing your chances to win! (New This Year: Fred has donated a portion of The Workshop! Take home a piece of History! And another copy of Fondopoly.)

Name That Transformer Contest: A perennial favorite at the Dairycon. "I'm thinking of a Transformer...." That's how it starts, and that's how you win! Name the Transformer the host is thinking of by asking a series of questions in order to narrow down the choices. Many people play, and many people win! The crowd forms up at the event table and calls out their answers. The winner is the one who guesses the name of the Transformer. 20 questions can be asked.... who will win?!

Special Guest Presentation: It's a surprise. :-) Yearly presentations regarding some particular facet of the Fandom. Years Ago, Alec gave us a presentation on prototypes. Once, it was a DisOrganiser's Panel, where (typical of the panel at the big shows) we answered no questions). In 2010, everyone got Cake :-) What will it be this year? Perhaps an entire display of upcoming product? Come to the show to find out!

Dairycon Gaming Session: The night before Dairycon officially begins, you'll have a chance to participate in a Friday Night gaming session. Something to do before you drift off to sleep. Giant Transformer custom board games are the best – but we *may* have slipped in a few video games as well. :-) List available on the Dairycon mailer, and on Dairycon Facebook!

A Detailed Explanation of Items

"I remember how it used to be… before we weren’t corporate... when we would give it all away."

It's never been mentioned anywhere else, and people have asked... so we thought we'd say something here. :-) As always, admission for children under 12 is free, and there's always a trinket included for your trouble. There are also Raffles and Giveaways during the day, which is where a number of our items show up. In-addition, there are a few items that we ask for donations on, in order to offset the costs of the show (As a very wise man once said, we are a pro-deficit organization. :-) So here is an explanation of the Items of Dairycon:

PreReg Item: Typically a mass-produced item (toy or artwork), that we ask a $10 donation for, featuring a character in that year's Dairycon Universe story (though now it costs us 20$ to do...sigh.).

PreReg Tidbit: A free trinket just for showing up; typically consists of namebadge, program guide, Acc Pack, or exclusive artwork, as well as other assorted pack-ins (pens, keychains, etc)(they really rake you over the coals these days if you want to do something cooler than a pen - everyone does pens. I want to make fun of pens. How about a giant marker? Or instead of a can cozy, you get an actual *can*?)

Regular Raffle Item: This typically consists of a medium-sized item, with a short run of 40 or less, that can be acquired only by winning the Raffle or Auction.

Limited Raffle Item: This typically consists of a medium-sized item, with a short run of 20 or less, that can be acquired only by winning the Raffle or Auction.

LuckyDraw Raffle Item: This typically consists of a Large item, with a short run of 10 or less, that can be acquired only by winning the Raffle or Auction. (Or we could just start selling them, like everyone wants us to. I disagree, but we’ll see.)

The Big Raffle and Ultimate Prize Give Away!: At the end of the Show, you have a chance to win an entire set of that year's Dairycon Exclusive items.(new!) We’ve expanded the Raffle to include non-Dairycon exclusive items. For example, you’re getting a *ton* of cool Transformers toys and other merchandise. No-one will leave empty-handed if I can help it.

The Acc Packs: Special or humorous 'power-up' items that Dairycons need to win. These are typically received as Tidbits and Prize wheel items.

Moo-Points: Collected all thru the year, turn them in to win! (More on Moo-points) (What do I win?)

Dairycon: 10 Years (Hardcover): (SOLD OUT) A chronicle of Dairycon from its beginnings to today. Includes the complete Dairycon Universe, exclusive art, behind-the-scenes look, fan memories, and more!

Dairycon: 10 Years (Softcover): (SOLD OUT) Same as above, the paperback version! (Order the Dairycon 10 Years book at the show!)

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